Strategy & Service Design

Service design can give your business a competitive advantage, or simply improve a service in ways that will be truly appreciated. From public services to Amazon's Alexa skills, I can help ensure your project has evidenced foundations and directional consensus from key stakeholders across your company, so that you delight your customers and meet business objectives.

Continuous improvement is paramount in keeping ahead, but many companies are not structured to achieve this. I can work with you to plan a roadmap for your business to aptly facilitate your new services and help you along the way. I am adept at facilitating new services in start-ups and long established organisations alike. From growing small call centres to digital transformation projects for 40 person offices.


User Research

Taking inspiration from the great Anthropologist, Bronislaw Malinowski. If you want to feel an empathetic connection with someone, you need to throw yourself into their environment with fieldwork, far from the comfort zones of second hand opinions and your own desk.

This is the 'Who, Where, What, Why, How and When' stage of the project that enables us to benchmark a new or existing service. Formative research lays the foundation for a well considered service. Utilising a tailored set of information gathering methods to develop a sensible and informed minimum viable service. Research takes place with representatives of everybody that comes into contact with it, including internal teams.

Where there are relatively new methods of recording user research, many are borrowed or evolved from traditional service & business analysis methods. The have a new name for the new guard who use them due to the user centric method of gathering information.

Prototyping and User Testing

I am well versed in prototyping screen based interfaces with tools such as Axure, InVision and working with UI developers to produce coded graphical user interfaces for testing usability and feasibility of design strategies.

Fidelity is highly variable depending on the scope of what is being tested, allowing rapid iteration towards a successful solution. Prototyping and testing can save you a lot of effort by identifying problems when they are quick and cheap to fix. I strongly recommend an iterative design sprint cycle that involves plenty of prototyping and testing. If you would like to know more, please get in touch and I can talk through your project with you.

I have worked with Arduino Microcontrollers and Alexa Skills to test physical and voice interfaces for a wider variety digital services. If you're interested in that kind of thing, I am too.


  • As the person who fielded Stuart's questions, I was amazed at the detail he actually went into; there were no doubts he was putting in the extensive time required.
    — James Burn, Emapsite
  • Stuart is a rare individual, he is a genuine idea maker, someone who combines the curiosity to discover how things work with the ability to articulate and fabricate his thinking across mediums and fidelities. He possesses a sound understanding of UX principles and enjoys sharing his knowledge and collaborating with both colleagues and clients alike to achieve the best user and business outcomes possible.
    — Alex Jaques, Creative Jar

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